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Executive Function

Strong Executive Function skills help build the background for a healthy school culture of Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Empathy.  All are necessary to create a safe, engaging environment for students to learn.
EFgoPRO Assessment

The MEFS and EFGo are the only objective direct measures of Executive Function with a normed dataset of over 50,000 individuals ages 2 to 18. 

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Our work is backed by leading brain science research in Executive Function,

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Executive Function is core to academic success and social emotional learning.

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What is Executive Function?

Executive Function is the root of academic success and social emotional learning. It is a required brain-based skill set for children’s impulse control. The “Air Traffic Controller” of the mind.

In fact, Executive Function can be a better predictor than traditional IQ tests on academic and social emotional success. Unlike IQ, Executive Function can also be improved through reflection and practice. 

In short, Executive Function is a crucial skill set for children to acquire to succeed in life. 

Uncover 3 General Executive Function Skills

Cognitive Flexibility

Thinking about something in multiple ways. For example, considering someone else’s perspective or a different way to solve a problem.

Working Memory

Holding information in mind so it can be used to guide behavior. For example, keeping a question in mind in order to formulate an answer.

Inhibitory Control

Ignoring distractions and inhibiting impulsive responses. For example, paying attention to a teacher and resisting a side conversation.

Executive Function & Social Development

Executive Function
Social Development

Executive Function aligns with social development in children. 

Individuals with better Executive Function skills can understand others’ perspectives and beliefs more effectively. Therefore, they can more readily predict others’ behaviors in specific social settings.

Strong Executive Function skills support school readiness, social well-being, and individual mental health.

How Executive Function Works For You!