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Step 1: Understand with our Professional Development Courses

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Get Started for FREE with EF 101!

Our online courses make it easy and practical to continue your professional growth anytime and anywhere.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll see why EF and SEL are the most talked about topics in today’s educational headlines.

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EF 101: Get Started With Executive Function

A free introductory course that gives a concise overview of Executive Function

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$3,500 / Year
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*All courses available to purchase individually for $99

Professional Development Course Library

EF 201: Understanding Executive Function

Learn how Executive Function is complementary to social-emotional skill development and why EF is foundational to the academic success of your students.
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EF 202: Understanding your EF Data

Learn how to use Executive Function measurement data and classroom observation to personalize learning in your classroom and best support SEL skills.

EF 203: Strategies for Optimizing EF Growth

Learn how to implement brain-based instructional strategies in your classroom to support Executive Function growth in all children that you serve, at all levels.

EF 301: Managing Your Classroom Through an EF Lens

Learn how to structure your classroom to best support Executive Function development, and how to infuse EF into all areas of instruction that you cover in your modern-day classroom.
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EF 302: The Role of Trauma in the Development of EF

Learn how to use EF skill development to address and support children who have experienced trauma in their lives and how to minimize overall stress in the classroom.

EF 303: EF and Social Emotional Learning Success

Learn the basics of social-emotional skills and ways to promote SEL in your classroom. Explore the development of social-emotional skills and the relationship between SEL and EF.

Supporting Executive Function Development at Home

FREE course for Parents and Families!

Why use Executive Function at home?

Executive function helps the brain organize and act on information. These are the skills that enable us to pay attention, plan, remember things, prioritize, and stay on task. While children are not born with Executive Function skills, they do possess the ability to develop these skills, which have been shown to be the best predictors of Kindergarten readiness and long-term academic and life success. Oftentimes, attention problems in children are not permanent and can be improved with the development of Executive Function skills.

Step 2: Measure with EFgo™ or MEFS App™

So, what is EFgo™?

A simple and fun-to-use game FOR EDUCATORS that measures Executive Function skills in children as young as 24 months, EFgo gives a direct measure of Executive Function skills in less than five minutes per child.

EFgo™ is a digital card sorting game designed to give caregivers and educators a direct assessment of a child’s Executive Function skills. Delivered in less than 5 minutes time, it is engaging and informative. Kids love the game, teachers love the data.

Take a look!

Start Measuring with our MEFS App™ today!

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale, or “MEFS App™,” is a simple, fun-to-use iOS and Android Tablet app FOR RESEARCHERS that measures Executive Function skills in children as young as age two into adulthood. The MEFS App™ gives a direct behavioral measure of Executive Function skills.

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*coming in July

*coming in July
EFgo™ Introduction + Training
EFgo™ Certification
Children Assessed
Up to 35
Up to 35
Individual Child Score
Raw score only
Individual Child Report - Comparison to National Norms
Instructional Periods with Personalized Intervention Activities
Classroom Insights
School / District Level Insights
Advanced Roster Integration
Assessment Data Export
Priority Account Management
Supports Partners Edmentum / Conscious Discipline
Advanced Research Report
Additional Charge
$40 / year

Step 3: Improve with our Intervention Activities!

Download Our Free Activity!

A favorite of many teachers is our unique Bear and Dragon game. Appropriate for any classroom or ECE program, this 10-minute activity can be modified for all levels of children and will give them a chance to practice mindfulness and self-regulation.


Activities Guides

The “EF Way to PLAY!” Activities Guide features proven activities that promote the improvement of Executive Function skills in children. Developed by early childhood education experts, these fun activities promote social emotional learning, mindfulness, and self-regulation.

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The EF Way to PLAY! Activities Guide (PreK) provides 13 step-by-step, easy-to-administer activities that were designed to target Executive Function skill development in children age 2 – PreK. Totaling over 100 pages of instruction, these games and activities can be played in less than 10 minutes.  They are easily integrated into any daily schedule whether it be circle time, free play, or outside play time. These activities support and enhance any preschool curriculum program.
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K - 3rd Grade

The EF Way to PLAY! Activities Guide (K – Grade 3) provides 12 step-by-step games for children in grades K through 3. These activities were designed specifically for classroom teachers. Totaling over 70 pages of instruction and insights, the games can be played in 15 minutes or less and focus on self-regulation and listening skills.

Activities from both of our guides will be integrated into EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™
Executive Function Activities at Home

Preschool - Age 5: Executive Function Activities at Home

A family friendly resource that engages children in games that support the development of their Executive Function skills including working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control. With over 20 activities that emphasize social emotional learning, time at home can be fun and educational. You’ll help your child learn how to react under new and stressful situations, maintain focus in light of distractions, and gain an overall sense of well-being. You’ll learn how to best support your child as they learn to manage chaos and make smart choices in critical scenarios. 

Step 4: Wear the Gear!

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"What the EF?"

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"What the EF?"

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"What the EF?"

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"What the EF?"

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