Your child’s decision-making skills are called Executive function (EF) skills.  They are key to academic, social, and lifetime success, and they can be improved.

Executive Function
is key to academic, social, and lifetime success, and it can be improved.

Start your journey toward improved executive function (EF). Measure your child's EF and get personalized resources to improve.

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS™)

The #1 science-backed objective measure of executive function is now available for families on any web-enabled device

EFgo™ for Families enables trusted adults to administer an at-home version of
the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS™) anywhere they have a
web-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer. EFgo™ for Families provides everything in an easy-to-use package, delivering the benefits of the MEFS™ to families and caregivers at a low cost.

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Key Benefits of Measuring EF at Home

  • Accurately measure your child's executive function conveniently at home

  • Understand whether EF is impacting your child's academic readiness

  • Takes just 5 minutes

  • Proven and accepted: the MEFS is ParentAware certified and used in current EF research at dozens of research institutions including Harvard University and University of Minnesota.

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