You know the lyrics, and you can’t resist walking like an Egyptian when the song comes on. So you think it makes you the dorky parent but really it actually is strengthening your Executive Function skills! WHAT?!

You read it right. Pretend play (yes, adults can do it, too) is a great way to support your children’s social emotional development as well as support Executive Function (EF) skill growth. 

In this week’s #WhattheEFsummer activity, I See! I See!, children use their imaginations to imitate animals, noises, and even vehicles if the mood suits you. Take a 10 minute break, grab the kids, and step outside (although any open space in the house will do) to enjoy the day and refresh your brain. 

Playworks and Reflection Sciences have used current brain research to develop fun and engaging activities for you to try at home. All of them are intended to reinforce EF and SEL skill development.

So go ahead, Walk Like an Egyptian, or an elephant, or a robot. It’s all in the name of education!

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About the Author:

Carrie Fruin is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two. She taught high school science for over 25 years and still is active in STEM education.

She has a strong belief that all children can learn, and it is through the understanding of Executive Function (EF) skills and their relationship to Social-emotional learning (SEL) that will assist educators in reaching all children and providing them a true foundation for success in life.