Think Small Video Testimonial

Think Small Video Testimonial

Dianne Haulcy, Think Small‘s Senior Vice President for Family Engagement, talks briefly about Think Small’s experience with the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS) App.

“We looked at several different tools and we landed on the MEFS for a couple different reasons: one, because it was very easy to administer, and two, because as we really began to delve down into research about what is important, we realized that executive functioning is a really good measure of kindergarten readiness.”

More about Think Small:

Think Small is a nonprofit based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, that provides its community with services, resources, and advocacy for early childhood care and education.

Over the past two years, Think Small has partnered with Generation Next and the Bush Foundation on Pathways to Quality, a program that aims to equip childcare providers with training and tools to prepare our youngest learners for kindergarten.

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