Measure and Improve What Matters

Support positive classroom culture and student performance by focusing on brain-based learning.

Try EFgo™, the free-version of the MEFS App™. Available today!

Measure and Improve What Matters​

Support positive classroom culture and student performance by focusing on brain-based learning.

Try EFgo™ the free-version of the MEFS App™. Available today!

What is Executive Function?

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As illustrated in the Tree of Success, Executive Function directly correlates to Academic Success & Social-Emotional Learning. Often called the air traffic controller of the mind, Executive Function is a key set of brain-based skills required for impulse control in children, as well as, academic and life success. In fact, Executive Function can be a better predictor of academic and social-emotional skills than traditional IQ tests, and it can be improved through reflection and practice. In short, Executive Function is one of the most important set of skills that children need to acquire in order to be successful in life.

There Are Three General Skills That Fall Under Executive Function:

Cognitive Flexibility, Working Memory & Inhibitory Control

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Cognitive Flexibility

Thinking about something in multiple ways. For example, considering someone else’s perspective on a situation, or a different way to solve a problem.

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Working Memory

Holding information in mind so it can be used to guide behavior. For example, keeping a question in mind in order to formulate an answer.

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Inhibitory Control

Ignoring distractions and inhibiting impulsive responses. For example, paying attention to a teacher and resisting a side conversation with a friend.

Why Measure Executive Function?

Executive Function can be a better predictor of academic and social-emotional skills than traditional IQ tests, it can be improved through reflection and practice. Executive Function supports the process of learning including:  focusing, remembering, planning, reading, writing & computation.

“Research on the developing brain shows us that early childhood experiences build the foundation for a skilled workforce, a responsible community, and a thriving economy. A new evidence base has identified a set of skills that are essential for school achievement, for the preparation and adaptability of our future workforce, and for avoiding a wide range of population health problems.” – from the Center of the Developing Child, Harvard University 

3 Step Process to Improve Your SEL Classroom

Your SEL classroom improvement relies on understanding, measuring and improving Executive Function in your students. Reflection Sciences believes that the most efficient path toward reaching your highest classroom potential is outlined in the 3 Step Process below. In Step 1, Reflection Sciences professional development courses lay the groundwork to fully understanding Executive Function. Step 2 allows fast, reliable and free assessment of every student in your classroom. Step 3 offers the tools to improve Executive Function in your students. Get started today!


Professional Development

Reflection Sciences offers a variety of professional development courses centered around the understanding, measurement, and improvement of Executive Function.


EFgo App™

EFgo App™ is research reliable and valid down to age 24 months. It provides a direct score of Executive Function in approximately 5 minutes or less.  Children love the game-like app!



From digital games, to downloadable guides, Reflection Sciences and its reputable partners offer Executive Function activity strategies for students of all ages in a variety of means

Executive Function & Social Development: What’s the connection?

Executive Function skills are consistently associated with social development. Individuals with better Executive Function skills are better able to understand someone else’s perspective and beliefs, as well as predict the behavior of others in a social setting. One form of social cognition associated with Executive Function is called Theory of Mind. Having a developed ‘Theory of Mind’ means having an understanding that people have their own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, opinions, and their own mental states, that might or might not align with reality or with someone else’s.

There is an implied connection between a preschooler’s ability to demonstrate their Theory of Mind and the development of executive functioning skills. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that much like early Executive Function skills, healthy early childhood social-emotional development is essential for educational readiness, social well-being, and preventive mental health.

“Theory of mind” is the understanding that peoples’ actions are caused by idiosyncratic mental states like beliefs, desires, and intentions.”

-Wellman, H. M. (1990). The Child ‘s Theory of Mind. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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