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Parent Newsletter – March 2019

Our first Parent Newsletter of 2019 is available here: v4.1 March 2019 Q1 Learn more about Goldilocks Parenting, Executive Function’s Role in ADD/ADHD, and Social-Emotional Development.

Parent Newsletter – December 2018

Please see the final Parent Newsletter of 2018, here: December 2018 Q4 v.3.4 In this edition, we have highlighted a new study from our lab on parent executive function and the results are in: parents’ skills matter, too!

Support Executive Function: Parents’ EF matters too!

Previously we have talked about how parents can support executive function (EF) development in young children. Specifically, parenting behaviors that are “autonomy-supportive,” meaning they actively support a child’s goals, efforts, and choices, are related to children’s EF skills. What does an autonomy-supportive parent look like in everyday life? Let’s think of an example of a…

Routines and Executive Function

The hustle and bustle of everyday routines may seem like a lot to keep track of. Whether you are shuttling your child from soccer practice to music lesson or coordinating the daily task of getting the family ready for dinner, our lives are filled with routines and activities. Although some research has suggested that too…

Parent Newsletter – June 2018

In our Parent Newsletter June 2018, we’d like to welcome our new contributor, Marie Lister! Marie graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Education and a teaching license in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. She has been a classroom teacher for 9 years and currently is a teacher at the Shirley G. Moore…

Father Influence on Cognition + Executive Function

Father influence on cognition + executive function is the topic researcher Alyssa Meuwissen, Ph.D., has explored over recent years. In both research and popular culture, moms have often been depicted as the “default” parent.  However, demographic trends show that dads are becoming more involved in the care of young children. There is great variety in…

Parent Newsletter – June 2017

See our second Parent Newsletter of 2017, highlighting tips and activities for building executive function skills in your children: June 2017 Q2 v2.2.