Or better yet, hop, skip, and jump! No matter how we phrase it, activity and play is important for everyone, children and adults alike. That is why Reflection Sciences and Playworks are working together this summer to make sure learning through fun continues. 

There are relationships between children’s play and development in several areas, including language, executive function, mathematics and spatial skills, scientific thinking, and social and emotional development. The “Science of Learning” research field has identified four pillars that are necessary for successful learning.  Learning occurs best when children are mentally active (not passive), engaged (not distracted), socially interactive (with peers or adults), and building meaningful connections in their lives. (Learn more here: Putting Education in “Educational” Apps: Lessons From the Science of Learning).  

This weeks’ #WhattheEFSummer play activity, Hop, Skip, and a Jump! was designed keeping these key ingredients in mind. Simple games like this introduce children to goal directed behavior and turn-taking, both of which are big parts of healthy social development.

So keep your kids discovering the fun of learning this summer. As we say in the classroom (or at least I do), “Happy learners are life-long learners!”

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About the Author:

Carrie Fruin is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two. She taught high school science for over 25 years and still is active in STEM education.

She has a strong belief that all children can learn, and it is through the understanding of Executive Function (EF) skills and their relationship to Social-emotional learning (SEL) that will assist educators in reaching all children and providing them a true foundation for success in life.