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Not only do we provide the essential tools to assess and improve children’s executive function skills, but we also provide comprehensive teacher and executive function educator professional development and support for MEFS administrators. We can help you understand how to use and interpret the information you gathered, how to teach Executive Function skills in the classroom, and how to inspire others to promote and advocate for Executive Function development.

Why Reflection Sciences

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Convenient & Comprehensive Workshops/Webinars

Access to Proprietary Guides and Intervention Materials

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MEFS App Training

With your subscription to the MEFS App, you automatically are entitled to an online Executive Function workshop session with one of our certified MEFS trainers. During this two-hour session, you will learn about the background of Executive Function, how to administer the MEFS App, and how to view reports and manage your data. Additionally, we provide on-line webinars at various points throughout the year. If you need additional personalized training sessions, we can provide what you need at competitive rates.

Curriculum Topics

What is Executive Function (EF)?
How do EF skills develop?
What role does EF play in school success?
What can teachers/caregivers do to promote EF skill development?
What happens when EF goes awry?
How can EF be integrated into teaching and academic environments?
How to analyze and interpret EF data for organizational decision-making

Delivery Formats

Reflection Sciences offer our professional development training in a variety of
formats so that you can choose the instruction method that fits your needs.

• Asynchronous Training
• Live Webinar Training
• On-site Training
• Train-the-Trainer
• Licensing

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