Data Analysis & Interpretation

Our analysis of Executive Function data lies at the heart of what we do. Our experts can help you make the most of your results. The MEFS data can be used to examine developmental trends, explore correlations between EF and other variables (e.g., academic performance), make comparisons among individuals and groups, and determine the impact of curricular changes or interventions.

Why Reflection Sciences

Discover key relationships between the MEFS App™ & other assessment tools

Effectively compare programs on EF outcomes

Identify trends in different groups in order to help reduce achievement gaps

Gain immediate access to information relevant specifically to you

Turning Numbers Into Narratives

Distinct from IQ, Executive Function is a set of skills that can be taught and learned. These skills are vital for success in today’s academic environment. Because EF is a better predictor of academic success than IQ, our expert analysis of Executive Function test results enables you to identify children in need of additional assessment. We’ll help you track the development of EF during childhood and beyond, so you can evaluate the effects of interventions and curricula over time and make your own decisions based on that evidence.

This evidence is drawn from a growing database of MEFS results, and your data can be analyzed and utilized on multiple levels – in small groups, local districts, states, nationally, and/or international comparisons. 

MEFS App™ Outcomes

Completing assessments is one thing, but what about the outcomes? What do you really get for your efforts? With the MEFS App, you get a lot.

• Longitudinal reports allow you to measure growth over time in order to evaluate efficacy of teaching, curricula and interventions
• National and local norms help you determine which students would benefit from group or individual interventions
• Individual student reports makes it easy to share student data with parents

All of our assessments are automatically scored and your reports are available in real time. No waiting to score the assessment. No waiting for data analysis. Plus, you have access to all of your raw data with the click of a button.

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