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Teachers and school administrators can arrange for professional development about EF, including how to measure it using the MEFS App, and how to improve Executive Function and social emotional learning in the classroom. Distinct from IQ, Executive Function is a set of skills that can be taught and learned. These skills are vital for success in today’s academic environment and are better predictors of academic success than IQ. Teachers can use the MEFS App to identify children in need of additional assessment, to track the development of EF, and to evaluate the effects of interventions and curricula.

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The MEFS training is approved by MN Develop!

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M, December 17th at 9:30 am CT

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How Does the MEFS App™ Help in the Classroom?

Pre-screening helps determine who can benefit most from EF guidance

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Measuring EF over time shows efficacy of teaching and curriculum

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Quick feedback provides data on efficacy of interventions

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Early intervention is critical to help prevent children from falling behind

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Teacher Reports

Teachers report that the most important determinant of children's success in kindergarten and the early school years is how well they can sit still, pay attention, and follow rules—key EF skills.

EF skills can be assessed objectively and reliably using the MEFS App, whereas teacher reports are often subject to bias, such as "halo" effects, where a teacher's feelings for a child may bias their assessment of the child's behavior. In addition, unlike teacher reports, which are time consuming and require teachers to observe their students for weeks or months, EF skills can be assessed quickly (~4 min) and at any time -- even prior to school entry.

Simply Measure What Matters

The MEFS App provides a brief, reliable, valid, inexpensive, and easily administered direct behavioral measure of EF starting at age 2 and extending to age 85. Educators can identify children in need of additional assessment, track the development of EF during childhood and beyond, and evaluate the effects of interventions and curricula. You get instant, easy-to-understand results.

Educator Spotlight

Katie Black

Manager, Research & Innovation, CAP Tulsa

Q: What is CAP Tulsa's passion?
A: CAP Tulsa is driven to improve the life trajectories of young children in lower-income families. We do this by combining high-quality early education for young children with supports that promote nurturing parenting and family financial stability.

Q: What is CAP Tulsa's mission or goal?
A: To understand the impact of our program, CAP Tulsa measures how our children are performing and growing using multiple measures focused on all domains of child development. After some internal testing and analysis, we added MEFS to our battery of assessments as we feel it is a quick and accurate measure of executive function skills beginning at age two.

Q: Why the MEFS App?
A: In the past, we have used other measures to assess executive function but concluded that they had big limitations. For example, the other measures do not provide a child’s score in relation to similar-aged peers nationwide and many young children do not complete the full assessment due to not passing the trial items. We are very excited that MEFS fills both of these gaps.

Educator Resources

Executive Function: Ages and Stages

Executive Function skills are proven to predict important developmental outcomes, including school readiness, social functioning, mental and physical health, and academic achievement. How do these skills develop from infancy to school-age years?

Download our Executive Function: Ages and Stages resource.

Case Study – MEFS App Predicts K Outcomes

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS App) is a brief, tablet-based comprehensive measure of executive function skills that is nationally normed down to 2 years of age. Reflection Sciences introduced the MEFS assessment to a consortium of independent schools to be used during the admissions process.

Download the Case Study to see the outcomes.

Comparing and Selecting an Executive Function Assessment

Read our Comparative Article to see how the MEFS App compares to other measures of executive function.

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Real World Reviews

The MEFS Assessment Benefits Families

We have completed our second round of​ MEFS ​assessment and after parent intervention, have seen improvements in many​ ​of the children we work with. One of our volunteer mentors could not believe how beneficial the MEFS information was for YWCA, but also for the parent. The mother realized that the interventions truly benefited her daughter. There was pride all around!

Peggy McGuire, Director of Child and Family Development – Project HELP, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Concrete, Scientific Feedback

Our teachers got really into the test and loved administering! They liked that it was such concrete feedback on each child and gave them real info on what/how to address in the classroom. Our parents really appreciated the concrete, scientific feedback at conferences.

Kristen Walker, Assistant Director (Ponce City Market Campus), The Suzuki School

Exciting Partnership

Kinderberry Hill has closely monitored research on Executive Function. We knew we wanted to be able to assess how our children are doing in this crucial area. We were excited to learn of the ground-breaking tools being developed by Reflection Sciences and are thrilled to partner with them.

Sara Reichstadt, Education Coordinator at Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center

Measuring What Matters

The MEFS App provides our early childhood teachers with baseline data regarding a child's executive functioning skills and quarterly assessments allow us to ensure our children are developing these critical skills which are a better predictor of academic achievement.

Wendy Webster, Director of Community Services and Communications at St. Anthony-New Brighton School District

Contributing Insight with a Fun-to-Use Assessment

This dynamic company is rolling out an easy and fun-to-use assessment that teachers and specialists are going to love! It contributes insight and attention to EF development and jibes with the need for 21st century learning!

Heather Dawson, Special Education Teacher

Nurture Executive Function Skills

With this partnership, our educators will be more intentional in nurturing Executive Function skills, so that our students are better prepared to learn, socialize and handle any situation that may develop in elementary school.

Jacqueline Cossentino, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

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