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Executive Function has gained a lot of attention over the past twenty years, but there is still plenty more to learn about it. Our Reflection Sciences’ team has been at the forefront of EF research, and we want to invite you to be a part of Executive Function discovery, education, and advocacy. Explore our available resources, and start learning more about measuring what matters!

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Learning About EF

At Reflection Sciences, we believe that simple is better. That is true for our assessments, and it's true for your professional development. No hidden fees, no complicated calculations, no changes to budgets. Just straight forward training that is easy to bring to your classroom, home, or office.

About Professional Development

Implementing the MEFS App

Like with everything in the MEFS App, we have worked hard to make sure implementing the MEFS App is easy too. To get started we just need a roster of your students, usually downloaded from your Student Information System. We will upload your roster for you and complete the system set-up. This process usually takes less than 24 hours. Or you can get started right away by downloading the app and manually entering your students.

About the MEFS App

Measuring Outcomes

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS App) provides a reliable, valid, and easily administered behavioral assessment of EF starting at age 2 years and extending to age 85. In childhood, the MEFS App assess all 3 aspects of EF in one brief measure (~4 min) that has excellent psychometric properties. Presented as a fun, engaging game, the MEFS App adaptively measures children’s EF skills, and computes scores based on national norms. The MEFS App makes it possible to identify children in need of additional assessment, to track the development of EF during childhood and beyond, and to objectively evaluate the effects of interventions and curricula.

About Data Analysis

Minnesota Executive Function Scale App

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale App is easy to use, but is intended to be administered only by trained and certified examiners. That is how you can be sure the MEFS results and norms are reliable and valid. The App will be fully accessible to subscribing organizations with secure login credentials provided by Reflection Sciences upon signed user license agreement.

Recently Updated

Version 1.1
Added Somali and Hmong language
Updated Game Over screen

Feature Overview

Designed for ages 2+
Virtual card-sorting game
Takes 3-7 min to complete


English, Dutch,
Simplified Chinese,
Spanish, Swedish,
German (Swiss),
Somali, and Hmong


iPad or Android Application
Requires iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.0 or later
Free download via iTunes or Google Play App Store

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