EF 302: The Role of Trauma on the Development of Executive Function



In the height of COVID-19, many students are experiencing trauma and are having difficulties coping. About half of all children have had at least one adverse life experience. This means that a number of students in your own classroom are grappling with the trauma that can be associated with these adversities. Trauma, especially early in life, can have lasting effects on multiple domains of development, including Executive Function (EF) skills. As educators, it is important to understand how trauma “shows up” in the classroom to support all students.

This course is a brief introduction to the role of trauma on EF. By the end of the course, you will be able to define trauma, identify potential causes, understand how trauma relates to EF development across childhood, and learn how this pandemic may change how you approach children’s concerns and worries.

Key Ideas:

    • Define Trauma
    • Identify causes of Trauma
    • Understand how Trauma is related to Executive Function through its impact on Stress
    • Identify ways to promote the development of strong Executive Function skills in children who have experienced Trauma

Two (2) contact hours will be provided upon completion of this course.*

*Continuing education regulations vary by state. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for your licensing state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development and training opportunities.