As an upgrade from EFgo™, EFgoPLUS™ leverages your executive function classroom by featuring results compared to norms and personalized interventions for 35 children.




Looking for the “What do I do now?” after you’ve assessed your kids with EFgo™? It’s time for the enhanced Executive Function classroom!


EFgoPLUS™ is the premium upgrade from our award-winning free Executive Function assessment EFgo™. As the premium upgrade, EFgoPLUS™ unlocks instructional planning periods, an analysis of your students through the national norms of over 53,000 children, and personalized intervention activities! This improved Executive Function classroom provides even more data to help you address the whole child (Up to 35 children).


After each assessment, EFgoPLUS™ will automatically group students based on their results. Classroom and digital activities are then provided for each group. Then, you can access the national percentile of the whole class and for each student. You can also track students’ Executive Function growth from year to year. It’s easy to examine the impact of specific interventions and classroom differences with EFgoPLUS™! Finally, the instructor could work with one of our approved curriculum partners. Their activities will also be personalized through EFgoPLUS™ for each student.


Get your full classroom data along with personalized activities to meet the needs of each of your students. Monitor their progress the entire year and utilize the instructional strategies provided in EFgoPLUS™.


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