EF 305: Equity and Executive Function



This course investigates how bias, equity, and Executive Function play a role in educating today’s students. You can choose to complete it in one or many sessions individually or as a group. Included in each module is a Reflect and Apply section to facilitate discussions.

Key ideas:

  1. Define equity, bias, and socioeconomic status (SES)
  2. Review the basics of Executive Function
  3. Explore how bias may be implicit or explicit and how it may be expressed by individuals
  4. Understand the effects of bias and SES on academic achievement and how Executive Function can counteract those effects
  5. Explore ways to address equity in the classroom


Three (3) contact hours will be provided upon completion of this course.*

*Continuing education regulations vary by state. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for your licensing state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development and training opportunities.