EF 304: Personal Reflection for Executive Function Growth



Today, more than ever before, educators are under immense pressure in the classroom and must rely on Executive Function skills for assistance. Dealing with the challenging behavior of students requires inhibitory control, providing effective instruction both in-person and online requires cognitive flexibility, and remembering to follow up on family and student inquiries after hours can stress working memory. What helps you maintain balance and support your mental health? Executive Function skills.

This 3-hour course focuses on Executive Function and what it means to you personally and professionally.  It is important to understand how you and your students rely daily on Executive Function skills and how to strengthen your own Executive Function for your well-being inside and outside of the classroom.

Key ideas:

  1. Define Executive Function (EF) and how it is related to brain processing and development.
  2. Understand the influence EF has in our daily lives, including your students. 
  3. Identify ways to practice and strengthen your own EF skills.
  4. Describe specific intervention strategies for adult educators.


Three (3) contact hours will be provided upon completion of this course.*

*Continuing education regulations vary by state. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for your licensing state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development and training opportunities.