EF 202: Understanding and Integrating Your MEFS™ App Data



Now that you have a better understanding of executive function (EF) and have started measuring your students’ EF skills with the MEFS AppTM, what can you do with this information? You can use this data, in combination with your own observations and teaching expertise, to create an environment that accommodates students of all EF levels.

This course will review how to use the data from the MEFS AppTM to create a learning environment that best supports each student’s EF skills. You will learn what data comes from the MEFS AppTM and what it all means. We will also show you ways to merge this data with other observational data in your classroom, present research-based best practices for working with students of all EF skill levels, and demonstrate how to create buy-in with parents and other caregivers.

Key Ideas:

  • Define and understand data terms from the EF assessment
  • Understand how to merge observational data with your EF assessment data to determine specific needs for each student.
  • Develop a plan for working with students of all EF levels.
  • Describe how to best communicate and engage parents with your classroom EF goal

Two (2) contact hours will be provided upon completion of this course.*

*Continuing education regulations vary by state. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for your licensing state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development and training opportunities.