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Introduction to Executive Function

This course will provide an intro to Executive Function including its importance in education, and why measuring and improving Executive Function is vital to the development of children.

Intervention Strategies for Success

This course will help participants gain a deeper understanding of Executive Function skills – what they are, why they’re important, how they develop, and how to best support them in young children.

Executive Function in Adolescence

This course will focus on the role Executive Function skills play in adolescence, its effects on risk-taking and decision-making, and lifelong strategies that advance these skills.

Executive Function & Mindfulness

This course will explain how Executive Function, mindfulness, and reflection all influence each other in important ways; as well as provide discussion and practice of techniques.

Executive Function in Adulthood

This course highlights the importance of Executive Function skills in adulthood, including their role in the management of a person’s personal and professional live.