Research indicates skills needed should be nurtured in early childhood

Entry-level employees are becoming less proficient in the skills most needed to succeed in today’s workplace, according to a recent national survey of human resources (HR) managers responsible for hiring. The survey, sponsored by leading early education provider Primrose Schools®, revealed skills like adaptability, teamwork and problem solving are critical to workplace success. Yet, 70 percent of seasoned HR managers report that entry-level employees are rarely proficient in these skills.

According to the survey, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, self-control, adaptability and working memory – collectively referred to by educators as executive function skills – are more highly valued in entry-level candidates than technical abilities, academic background and other factors. And while respondents state that entry-level employees are rarely proficient in these skills, two-thirds say hiring entry-level employees with good executive function skills is a top priority for their company’s long-term success.

Text above from Primrose Schools® National Survey Press Release    

Read the full press release here: Primrose Schools® National Survey

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