A Digital Assessment Collaboration for Executive Function Development

Edmentum, a global leader and pioneer in online teaching and learning programs, and Reflection Sciences have partnered to deliver a full integration of Reflection Science’s MEFS App assessment into Exact Path, Edmentum’s individualized learning program. In addition, the two organizations will collaborate on data interpretation services and intervention strategy programs. This unique partnership, beginning in Spring of 2020, will bring together Reflection Sciences’ extensive expertise in the development of executive functioning research and assessment with Edmentum’s long history in digital curriculum, assessments, and education consulting. Read the full press release here.

Reflection Sciences has partnered with Conscious Discipline, a leading provider of social emotional learning curriculum to the Pre-K audience in the U.S. and throughout the world. Beginning in Q2 of 2019, visitors to the Conscious Discipline website will have access to the MEFS App, training, and training manuals. Conscious Discipline users who begin to integrate the MEFS App into their instruction will soon receive specific Conscious Discipline intervention activities tied to their child’s Executive Function development and performance on the MEFS App.

Kiko's Thinking Time Games, by Kiko Labs

Kiko Labs worked with neuroscientists from the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard to develop Kiko's Thinking Time, an adaptive training program for early learners, aged 3 to 7. Kiko's Thinking Time uses a suite of activities to target skills foundational to cognitive learning: executive function, reasoning, and spatial skills.


Cognitive Skill-Building

Kiko's Thinking Time Games were developed from a large body of scientific research. Each game is based on a neuropsychological task that is known to have cognitive benefits in lab studies. Kiko Labs turned these tasks into engaging games that children love to play.

Challenging, not Frustrating

Children try to help Kiko the fox get to the treasure. Along the way, they complete a series of fun exercises that require use of executive function, reasoning, and spatial skills. Kiko's Thinking Time is unique in that each game adapts to and progresses with each child's ability, keeping them challenged, but not frustrated.

Track Progress Over Time

Kiko's Thinking Time keeps track of each child's performance, allowing their parents and teachers to track their progress over time, measure improvement, and compare their cognitive abilities to those of their peers.

Interested in partnering with Reflection Sciences to further the development of Executive Function research and innovation?