We know that executive function skills are important, but how can parents and teachers use executive function interventions such as reflection training, mindfulness, and scaffolding, to promote healthy development?

In this second episode of Full PrefrontalSucheta Kamath and Dr. Phil Zelazo discuss interventions ideas for parents, teachers, and caregivers to build successful members of society.

Listen to the full podcast here: Episode 24: Know Thyself

Listen to Part I here: Episode 23: The Power to Resist

For additional executive function intervention ideas, check out Reflection Sciences’ Intervention Guide.

Written by our Co-founder, Dr. Phil Zelazo, a leading expert in developmental cognitive neuroscience and early education, our guide offers educators and parents effective, evidence-based ways to promote the healthy development of Executive Function (EF) skills in young children, through Grade 2.

This guide includes background information about EF and early brain development, as well as best practices for EF intervention. Readers are taught how to structure engaging activities that help children practice and develop their Reflection skills in the classroom and in other everyday settings. Contents include classic games that have been modified to challenge children’s EF; ways to embed EF training into academic curricula; mindfulness practices for children; and ways of engaging families in the cultivation of children’s EF skills.

Check it out here: Reflection Sciences’ Intervention Guide

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