Improved Executive Function Skills for All

Closing the Achievement Gap in Your Community Schools

Non-profit organizations are often searching for ways to make a difference in their community. Closing the achievement gap for children in school is one way to make an impact on the education system. Non-profits can arrange for professional development through Reflection Sciences to learn about Executive Function skills, including an introduction to Executive Function, how to measure this skill-set using the MEFS App, and how to improve Executive Function in- and out- of formal learning settings. Distinct from IQ, Executive Function is a set of self-regulation skills that can be taught and learned. These skills are vital for success in today’s academic environment and are the best predictors of academic and life success. Non-profit organizations can use the MEFS App to identify children in need of additional assessment, to track the development of Executive Function, and to evaluate the effects of programs, interventions, and curricula.

Real World Reviews

“We have completed our second round of​ the MEFS App ​assessment and after parent intervention, have seen improvements in many​ ​of the children we work with. One of our volunteer mentors could not believe how beneficial the MEFS App information was for YWCA, but also for the parent. The mother realized that the interventions truly benefited her daughter. There was pride all around!”

Peggy McGuire
Director of Child & Family Development
YWCA – Chicago

Understand, Measure, & Improve the true predictor of academic and life success.