A year in the making

After more than a year of planning and hard work, we are proud to announce our new line of Executive Function professional development courses for educators! These new online, mobile-friendly courses are the product of more than 50 years of collective teaching experience. The team of  Carrie Fruin, ED.S, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Rebecca Distefano, Ph.D, Child Development Specialist worked hand in hand with brain science experts and co-founders Drs. Stephanie Carlson and Philip Zelazo to deliver the most up to date best practices for classroom practitioners and caregivers. With the help of our partners in schools and early childhood centers around the world, we believe these courses will make a difference in the academic, Executive Function (EF) and social emotional learning (SEL) of all children.  

Learning how to measure and improve EF is more important than ever.

With back-to-school just around the corner, and with many children having experienced a shortened school year last spring, and stress and disruption this summer, being able to understand and act upon Executive Function differences in early childhood is more important than ever before.

The new courses, focused on Executive Function instruction in the classroom, are intended for teachers, administrators, and leaders in pre-K and K-12 organizations, including school districts and childcare facilities.

Verify & Share your achievement with digital certificates

Each course provides clock hours* upon successful completion along with a sharable digital badge showing off your achievement. Educators who complete the 3-course Core Curriculum also receive the EF Mastery superbadge.

EF is key to SEL and Academic Success

Often called the air traffic controller of the mind, EF is a key set of brain-based skills required for academic, SEL, and life success. Educators who are knowledgeable about assessing and improving EF in children can have a significant impact on their students’ long-term success. 

Our new online courses clearly connect EF topics and course materials to real-world education practice. Each course is mobile-friendly, making it easy and practical for professionals to continue their learning on-the-go. Course topics include: EF and Intervention Strategies, Trauma and EF, and EF in Your Classroom, amongst others. 

Professionals who successfully complete a course – including formative and summative assessments – will receive a printable certificate and digital credential badge. 

Fruin, a former high school science teacher, commented “In my 30 plus years in education, I have never seen a greater need for teachers to understand students’ Executive Function skills. Because of the varied instructional strategies brought on by Covid19, learning loss in children could be high and will need to be addressed. Determining the individual needs of each student will be vital and understanding the brain science behind the student’s development should be on the forefront of every administrator’s list of teacher training this fall.

Executive Function Super Badge

Earn your Executive Function Certification from Reflection Sciences with our EF Core Curriculum.

*Continuing education regulations vary by state. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for your licensing state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development and training opportunities.