Remote Administration of the MEFS

We thank current MEFS users for your continued dedication to bettering the lives of children through executive function. Reflection Sciences is here to support this continued work through remote assessment options. Below, you will find our recommended, step-by-step process for conducting a remote MEFS assessment.



  1. Examiner schedules meeting with caregiver and sends calendar invite with video conferencing link


  1. On day of assessment, Examiner starts meeting (on laptop/desktop computer)
  2. Caregiver / Child join conference
  3. Examiner and Caregiver / Child get acclimated (reference Examiner Instructions PDF below)
  4. Examiner shares tablet screen via video conferencing (on tablet)


  1. Examiner sorts the card based on Child’s verbal response
  2. Examiner submits MEFS assessment with comment, “remote assessment”

Recommended Tech

Recommended Video Conferencing Sites (free)


  • Tablet (android/iPad) AND
  • Laptop (PC or Mac) with camera
  • Tablet (android/iPad) AND
  • Laptop (PC or Mac) with camera

Caregiver / Child:

  • Laptop (PC or Mac) with camera
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

To discuss conducting remote assessments in more detail, reach out to info@reflectionsciences.com to connect with a Reflection Sciences representative.