Minnesota Executive Function Scale

What is MEFS App™


The Minnesota Executive Function Scale, or “MEFS App™,” is a simple, fun-to-use iOS and Android Tablet app that measures Executive Function skills in children as young as age two into adulthood.


The MEFS App™ gives a direct behavioral measure of Executive Function skills.


Originally developed by Dr. Stephanie M. Carlson & Dr. Philip Zelazo for academic research, the benefit to the broader education community was quickly discovered.

Why choose the MEFS App™ as your Assessment Tool?

Early Intervention

The MEFS App™ can be used for children as young as two years old increasing potential for academic and life success!


The MEFS App™ offers measurements in less than 5 minutes and private, protected data output is available immediately.


The MEFS App™ engages children effectively via a “game-like” experience & gives evaluators all necessary tools to administer without guesswork.


The MEFS App™ offers benefits across many child-focused entities including parents, teachers, schools, school districts, and clinical researchers.

See the MEFS App™ in action!

Validity of the                  App™


Assesses Executive Functioning skills like working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility in one brief, composite score measure.


The MEFS App™ is highly correlated with other Executive Function assessments including the NIH Toolbox Battery of Executive Function Measures, Executive Function Touch Battery, and the Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulders task. The MEFS App™ is briefer than any other measure; designed for a younger/less advantaged starting point; more sensitive to gradual changes, and normed starting at 24 months of age. The MEFS App™ is the only Executive Function measure supported by training, professional development, intervention activities, and data analytics based on over 100,000 test results.


The MEFS App™ is not strongly correlated with IQ, and it predicts outcomes over and above IQ, suggesting it is measuring a distinct construct.


The MEFS App™ is not strongly correlated with IQ, and it predicts outcomes over and above IQ, suggesting it is measuring a distinct construct.


Children who are known to have difficulty with Executive Function perform more poorly on the MEFS App™ (e.g. socioeconomic disadvantage, ADHD symptoms).

The MEFS App™ Technical Report

Explore the MEFS Technical Report on performance outcomes, the 2021 updated norming sample, reliability, validity, correlations, case studies, and more.

The MEFS Growth Charts (monthly and half-yearly versions) are based on our 2021 youth norms.

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