Scientifically Rigorous

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS App™) measures executive function
like no other assessment.

Science is the cornerstone of the patented Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS App™), the only early learning readiness assessment that can be used with children as young as two. Founded at the University of Minnesota and funded by the National Institutes of Health, the MEFS App was developed by Reflection Sciences, an organization with a long history of scientific success. Supported by its founders, Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D. and Phil Zelazo, Ph.D., Reflection Sciences continues to make breakthroughs in the important field of Executive Functioning research and development.

See the MEFS App in Action

See the MEFS App in Action

Dr. Phil Zelazo and Dr. Stephanie Carlson, founders of Reflection Sciences, showcase the MEFS App™ in action.

An Objective Measure

With traditional rating-scale assessments, the results are subjective and prone to bias. Subjective results are generally not sensitive to change. But the MEFS App fixes that. Our objective kindergarten and early learning executive functioning app provides unbiased results and is extremely sensitive to change. This means you can:

• Test groups of students with similar backgrounds, obtaining differentiated results
• Test students over time to measure growth and effectiveness of teaching methods, curricula, and interventions

Because the MEFS App only takes 5 minutes to complete, it is easy to test multiple times throughout the year. With the MEFS App, you now have the ability to track data over time and use it to inform your teaching practices.

An Efficient Measure

Our goal was to do away with time-intensive assessments that did not help teachers. And we have succeeded. The MEFS App only takes 5 minutes to complete. Compared to most other measures of Executive Function, that buys back about 2 days of instruction and learning time for each class of 20 students.

The MEFS App Packages & Pricing Details

The MEFS App is available for purchase by educators, researchers, clinicians, and non-profits through a tiered product package and pricing approach. All MEFS App licenses provide unlimited testing per child within one (1) calendar year (we advocate two to three assessments per child annually). Each package contains the MEFS App license, the MEFS App Examiner Training Course, and an examiner Training Manual.

The MEFS App Pricing:
Pricing for the MEFS App begins at $10/child annually; but decreases to $5/child annually based on purchase volume. The first volume discount begins at 150 children annually. Pricing remains consistent at $5/child annually for college/university researchers.

The MEFS App Examiner Training Course + Training Manual Pricing:
Pricing for the MEFS App Examiner Training Course is $250/educator or $175/researcher or clinician. We recommend one (1) MEFS examiner per every 25 children approximately, but institutions are free to determine their own assessor-to-child ratio. A MEFS App Training Manual is included for every Examiner. Examiners are required to complete a re-certification process annually at $100/educator ($50/researcher or clinician).

Pricing Example: An educator is interested in testing 100 students in the first year.  They will train three (3) examiners.  The approximate price to get started is (100 MEFS App Licenses x $10) + (3 Training + Training Manuals x $250) = $1,750 for the first year

Parents interested in the MEFS app are encouraged to download this Executive Function Advocacy Handout and share it with their child’s educator.

As of recently, the MEFS App™ has been...

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icon-network 230+ locations across 37 US States and 14 unique countries!

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