Step 1: Understand

Step 2: Measure

Why Measure Executive Function?

Since executive function skills are core to academic and social emotional skill development, one could argue measuring EF skills is one of the most important tasks for an Educator. Using an Executive Function assessment in your classroom can give you that extra insight to improve student performance.
Reflection Sciences has made it easy!

So, What is EFgo™?

Based on our award-winning assessment, EFgo™ is a digital card sorting game designed to give caregivers and educators a direct behavioral measure of a child’s Executive Function skills. Reliable and valid down to 24 months, EFgo™ takes less than 5 minutes. Kids love the game; teachers love the data. Take a look!

EFgo™ Suite

After a small annual fee, EFgoPLUS upgrades the single teacher program. EFgoPLUS features results compared to norms and personalized interventions for 35 children. 

Our school, district, and/or organizational product with all the features of EFgoPLUS™ and enhanced reporting, unlimited students, and more!

Check Out the Features of EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™

Instructional Periods

EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™ offer flexible, built-in Instructional Periods. An Instructional period is suggested to be:

• 1-2 weeks to deliver the assessment
• 6-8 weeks of intervention
• 1 week of reflection

After each assessment, students are grouped based on their results. Classroom and digital activities are then provided for each target group.

Personalized Intervention Activities

EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™ provide many options for personalized classroom interventions. These activities can be incorporated into daily teaching during circle time, transition time, and/or other classroom routines.

The tools also recommends digital games through our partner Kiko Labs. These can be used both in the classroom and at-home!

Finally, should you work with one of our approved curriculum partners, that their activities will also be personalized through EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™.


Classroom reporting is available within EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™. School, district, and organizational reporting are available within EFgoPRO™!

Use enhanced reporting to establish a common language surrounding Executive Function within your organization.

Track students EF growth from year to year, examine the impact of specific interventions and classroom differences, and much more!

Choose a plan that's right for you!

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EFgo™ Introduction + Training
EFgo™ Certification
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Individual Child Score
Individual Child Report - Comparison to National Norms
Instructional Periods with Personalized Intervention Activities
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