How to Launch the EFgo™ Assessment



Access to the assessment is through the admin portal and can be launched for multi-child (child led) assessments under your Plan tab. Within your open instructional period, you can launch the assessment by clicking the button under the Measure section. 

Choose whether you would like to launch the assessment on your current device or share the QR code/link with another device. For more instructions on sharing the assessment, click here.

Search by your student’s name or ID to find the account information. If you are assessing a child for the first time who does not already have a child account set up, select Add individual to be assessed

Changing the language or delivery method to 1:1

EFgo™ can be administered in both English and Spanish. Use the Menu button to change the language from English to Spanish or vice versa.  We encourage you to always deliver the assessment in the primary language of the child.

You also have the option to assess a child 1:1. To launch the assessment in the 1:1 delivery (no audio or animation available…you the Examiner will be reading the instructions to the child) select the assess button next to that participant’s name. 

Have the child choose an avatar (bear, owl, leopard/cheetah, or fox/squirrel). The avatar is simply for enjoyment and serves as an icebreaker to help a child feel comfortable getting started with EFgo™.