Introduction to Executive Function​ and Intervention Strategies for Success: PreK – Grade 5

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Introduction to Executive Function

Understanding Executive Function is vital to understanding early childhood development. 

Learn about the important role of Executive Function in this course!

This course will review what is known about Executive Function and why there is currently so much interest in it among educators, parents, mental health professionals, economists, and policy makers; how Executive Function is tied to the brain, and how both develop as function of experience; how to measure Executive Function in childhood and across the lifespan; and, effective ways to support its healthy development.

Key Take-Aways

  1. Understand and discuss the influence of experience on brain development and behavior.
  2. Define and discuss Executive Function and its development in childhood.
  3. Understand why Executive Function is important for learning and school success.
  4. Understand how Executive Function is measured in early childhood.
  5. Identify ways to promote the healthy development of Executive Function.

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Intervention Strategies for Success: PreK - Grade 5

Gain a deeper understanding of Executive Function Skills.

Learn what influences the development of Executive Function skills in this course!

This course will help participants gain a deeper understanding of Executive Function skills and how to use interventions in the classroom to best support and develop them in young children.

Key Take-Aways

  1. Understand the background of Executive Function (EF).
  2. Understand key takeaways from existing research on Executive Function intervention.
  3. Define and discuss how to support Executive Function development through supportive surroundings and encouraging mindfulness and reflection.
  4. Understand how pretend play, toys, games, and classroom activities can support Executive Function development.
  5. Understand how to implement intervention strategies in the classroom for student success.

List Price: $149
Sale Price: $99

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