Introduction to Executive Function​ and Intervention Strategies for Success: PreK – Grade 5

Introduction to Executive Function

Understand Executive Function and its role in social emotional development and academic success for all students. Learn about the important role of Executive Function in all aspects of life. In this course, you will learn about the latest research on Executive Function, how it is tied directly to the brain, and how both develop as a function of experience. You will know how Executive Function can be measured and effective ways to support its healthy experience in your classroom and other educational environments. *3 clock hours available upon successful completion of course. Key Take-Aways
  1. Understand and discuss the influence of experience on brain development and behavior.
  2. Define and discuss Executive Function and its development in childhood.
  3. Understand why Executive Function is important for learning and school success.
  4. Understand how Executive Function is measured in early childhood and how data can drive instruction.
  5. Identify ways to promote the healthy development of Executive Function.

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Intervention Strategies for Success: 
PreK - Grade 5

Review Executive Function skills and how to support their development using games and activities in the classroom. Learn what instructional practices can influence the development of Executive Function skills.
In this course, we will review Executive Function skills and how they relate to behavior and success in the classroom. You will gain an understanding of how to best integrate games and activities into your daily routine as a way to provide support for the development of Executive Function in young children. *3 clock hours available upon successful completion of course.
Key Take-Aways
  1. Understand the background of Executive Function (EF).
  2. Understand key takeaways from existing research on Executive Function intervention.
  3. Define how to support Executive Function through supportive surroundings and encouraging mindfulness and reflection.
  4. Understand how play, games, and classroom activities can support Executive Function development.
  5. Understand how to implement intervention strategies in the classroom for student success.

Price: $149

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