Internet Connection and Device Requirements​

Internet Connection:

EFgo™ requires a connection to the internet. All data are stored securely on a cloud server, NOT ON YOUR DEVICE, which reduces the risk of a breach of private information and takes up no storage on your device. If you lose internet connection during the game, you will still be able to complete the assessment, but you will need to reconnect to WiFi before submitting the assessment. Be sure that you leave EFgo™ running in the background as you reconnect in the settings.

EFgoPRO™ has a combined web portal where the EFgo™ assessment and student data can be accessed at different levels by qualified personnel. As an EXAMINER, you will be able to log in to administer EFgo™ as well as login to the Admin Portal to see the results of the children you tested.

You can reset forgotten passwords through the login pages and selecting [‘Don’t remember your password?’]


Device Requirements:

EFgo™ is a web-based assessment and can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet. We recommend using a touch screen tablet bigger than an iPad mini when delivering the assessment, but it is not required.