Individual Child Reports

There are two individual Child Reports available within EFgoPRO™. One is a family report that can be shared to homes with their most recent EFgoPRO™ assessment result and digital QR code (if desired). The second one being an Educator report that gives teachers a full breakdown of all past assessment results and digital activities played. 


Both can be accessed by selecting the … button next to the child’s name.

Family Report

The family report gives an overview of Executive Function, a brief explanation of the EFgoPRO™ assessment, and the child’s most recent assessment results. The report also gives some recommendations on how to improve Executive Function skill development in common activities, and a link to our Families webpage which features a free course, Supporting Executive Function Development at Home. Educators have the option to include the QR code for a child’s recommended digital activities. 

Educator Report

The educator report features details of ALL past assessments and digital activity usuage. 

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