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Engaging and fun, our intervention activities will Strengthen student’s Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning skills. In fact, you’ll recognize traditional games with the addition of a reflective focus and purpose behind them!

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A favorite for many teachers is our unique Bear and Dragon game. Appropriate for any classroom or Early Childhood Education program, this 10-minute activity can be modified for all levels of children and will give them a chance to practice mindfulness and self-regulation.

Bear and Dragon

Activities Guides

Developed by early childhood education experts, these fun activities promote social emotional learning, mindfulness, and self-regulation. Activities and games are easily integrated into any daily schedule whether it be circle time, free play, or outside play time!

Activities from both of our guides are integrated into EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™


13 step-by-step, easy-to-administer activities that were designed to target EF skill development in children 2–PreK. 
Interactive Guide

K-3rd Grade

12 step-by-step games for children in grades K through 3. These activities were designed specifically for classroom teachers.

Preschool - Age 5: Executive Function Activities at Home

A family friendly resource that engages children in games that support the development of their Executive Function skills. With over 20 activities that emphasize social emotional learning, time at home can be fun and educational! 

Digital Executive Function Games

We are proud to partner with Kiko Labs. Kiko Labs worked with neuroscientists from the University of California – Berkeley and Harvard University to develop Kiko’s Thinking Time. This adaptive gaming program is intended for early learners ages 4 to 7. Kiko’s Thinking Time uses a suite of games to target skills fundamental to cognitive development: Executive Function, reasoning, and spatial skills.

The KikoLabs digital games are integrated into our EFgoPLUS™ and EFgoPRO™ offerings.

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