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Reflection Sciences Home-Based Activity Guide is a family friendly resource that engages children in games that support the development of children’s Executive Function skills including working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control. With over 20 activities that emphasize social emotional learning, time at home can be fun and educational. You’ll help your child learn how to react under new and stressful situations, maintain focus in light of distractions, and gain an overall sense of well-being. You’ll learn how to best support your child as they learn to manage chaos and make smart choices in critical scenarios.

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The #1 science-backed objective measure of executive function is now available for families on any web-enabled device. EFgo™ for Families enables trusted adults to administer an at-home version of the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS™) anywhere they have a web-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer. EFgo™ for Families provides everything in an easy-to-use package, delivering the benefits of the MEFS™ to families and caregivers at a low cost.

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