Success begins with implementation planning.

For organizations implementing an executive function measurement, curriculum, or MTSS, Reflection Sciences offers implementation support services.

Which Implementation Support Solution is Right for Your Organization? 

Reflection Sciences offers three levels of implementation support depending on your organization’s experience with implementation science and best practices.

Level 1

For experienced teams

Schools/organizations that are familiar with implementation science and have an existing framework and resources for new initiatives and practices.

Level 2

For teams needing some preparation help

Schools/organizations that have some understanding of implementation science but do not have their own framework and need support with tools and resources

Level 3

For teams New to implementation science

Schools/organizations that are not familiar with implementation science and require assistance to understand the framework and apply it to the successful execution of EFgoPro

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Your Specialist | Renae Ouillette

Renae Ouillette is the former Executive Director of Student Services for the Lakeville Area School District in Lakeville, MN. She has over 25 years of experience as a district level administrator with a focus on improving outcomes for students experiencing barriers to learning. Renae is passionate about bridging the gap between scientific research and educational practice. She has championed the need to embed social-emotional learning and executive function into educator professional development and student learning. Renae has expertise in implementation science and understands the challenges of making sustainable organizational change. She recently formed Educating with Empathy, LLC, an educational consulting firm dedicated to reducing challenging behavior using more compassionate, brain-based approaches. She also works for Reflection Sciences as an implementation specialist for EFgoPro, a research-based executive function assessment and intervention tool.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at Michigan State University, Renae went on to earn her Master’s in developmental psychology and Specialist in Psychological Services in school psychology from Central Michigan University. She obtained her administrative licensure through the University of Minnesota and has taken courses to become a licensed clinical counselor through Adler Graduate School. Renae has taught and guest lectured at several colleges and universities in Minnesota.

Why trust Reflection Sciences for Implementation support?

Reflection Sciences® draws upon the principles and methodologies of implementation science to ensure that educational institutions and their students can fully embrace the advantages of our interventions and uphold their effectiveness long-term. Utilizing this innovative approach, Reflection Sciences® partners closely with schools and districts to strategize and execute all elements of program implementation throughout the academic year.
When new initiatives are introduced, there's a common assumption that they will seamlessly fall into place, neglecting the various activities and processes that require attention and effort. Merely expecting the new implementation to unfold naturally, without actively steering its trajectory, frequently hinders the achievement of the intended results. Using the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) Active Implementation Frameworks as a guide, a Reflection Sciences® implementation specialist will work with you to integrate implementation science practices into your institution’s student improvement plan using our executive function resources.
Reflection Sciences® offers three levels of implementation support based on an institution’s experience with implementation science principles and practices. Each plan will be customized to meet the unique needs of your team. We start with a Readiness Assessment that helps determine the appropriate level of support needed. 

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