What is Executive Function?

AKA: The air traffic controller of the mind.

Often called the air traffic controller of the mind, the Executive Functions of the brain are a key set of skills required for impulse control in children, as well as academic and life success. So much so, that Executive Function is a better predictor of academic success than traditional IQ tests. But unlike IQ, Executive Function skills can be taught. In short, Executive Function is one of the most important sets of skills that children need to acquire in order to be successful in life.

Why measure Executive Function?

Why measure Executive Function?

Dr. Stephanie Carlson, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Reflection Sciences, explains the science behind Executive Function and why its important to measure and improve the Executive Function skills of children.

Executive Function Has Been Shown to Predict Important Developmental Outcomes:

School Readiness
Academic Achievement
Social Functioning
Mental & Physical Health

Executive Function Skills

There are three general skills that fall under Executive Function:
Cognitive Flexibility, Working Memory, and Inhibitory Control

Cognitive Flexibility

Thinking about something in multiple ways. For example, considering someone else’s perspective on a situation, or a different way to solve a problem.

Working Memory

Holding information in mind so it can be used to guide behavior. For example, keeping a question in mind in order to formulate an answer.

Inhibitory Control

Ignoring distractions and inhibiting impulsive responses. For example, paying attention to a teacher and resisting a side conversation with a friend.

Executive Function vs. Traditional Testing

Anyone with limited training can administer the MEFS App
The MEFS App can be given to students before they even begin in your classroom
The MEFS App does not require weeks of observation

Understand, Measure, & Improve the true predictor of academic and life success.