Executive Function in Adulthood

Executive Function in Adulthood

{Available via Live Webinar and Face-to-Face Workshop. Online Course coming December 2019.}

Executive Function skills can aid adults in finding and maintaining a job!

Learn more about how Executive Function skills affect adults in this course.


This course will highlight the role of Executive Function in various experiences in adults’ personal and professional lives, such as: finding and maintaining a job, managing family needs, and caring for children. Drawing upon existing scientific literature, illustrative videos, and/or interactive exercises, participants will develop an understanding of what Executive Function skills are, how they develop, and their importance in adulthood. We will also discuss the impact of trauma and other stresses on both Executive Function development and the ability to apply Executive Function skills when needed. Focusing on both individual and environmental approaches, this course aims to provide strategies for improving the Executive Function skills of adults. This course was built with specific attention to parents, educators, and workforce audiences.


Key Take-Aways:


  1. Understand the influences on Executive Function in adulthood, including childhood experiences, trauma, and other stresses.
  2. Explore personal and professional situations that adults face and the role of Executive Function in navigating them.
  3. Illustrate activities and practices that can be implemented with individuals or at a programmatic level to promote adults’ Executive Function awareness and development.
  4. Identify concrete ways for attendees to apply workshop content in their work and/or personal lives.

Individual Memberships

Executive Function in Adulthood: $149


  • Unlimited access to the Executive Function in Adulthood online Professional Development Course for one individual for one year. 


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Group Membership

Executive Function in Adulthood: $2,000


  • Unlimited access to the Executive Function in Adulthood Professional Development Course for your group (up to 25) for one year.
  • One interactive, guided discussion webinar facilitated by a Reflection Sciences Professional Development Specialist designed exclusively for your group.