Assessment Comments

At the end of an assessment, you will see an option to add notes. We recommend you only enter information about events that occurred during the session that might be considered later in interpreting the scores. For example, it is acceptable to enter comments like the following:

  • “Session interrupted by a fire drill.”
  • “Bathroom break between levels 2 and 3.”
  • “Child had difficulty dragging cards.”
  • “Child was not paying attention to the assessment”

This is also where you might note any technical difficulties that occurred, or if you made a significant error in administering the task.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to include information about the child’s demeanor (e.g., “Seemed bored”), traits (i.e. “Smart/sweet/hyperactive kid”), or evaluation of performance (e.g., “Lower EF than peers”). DO NOT include any diagnosis-related information.

EFgo™ is designed to be an objective assessment where the scores are taken at face value, rather than biased by an Examiner’s impressions of the child. Most assessments will have no notes; unless something out of the ordinary happens, this section will remain blank.