Executive Function Implementation Support

We know that implementing a new program in your district can be hard, and this is why we are here to help! Our EFgoPRO™ Implementation Specialist, Renae Ouillette will help guide your core leadership team to build and establish your district goals to ensure long-term implementation success. 

Throughout your first year of implementing Executive Function Tools into your district, we have support plans to ensure that your implementation is a success and establishes a long-term change. We will provide all plan purchasers a personalized one-hour kick-off meeting with a brief overview of the tools and time to sit down with our experts to establish practical goals and steps to accomplish them. We will also check in with your team to see how on track your goals are and adjust accordingly. At the end of your first year we will check in on your progress and establish goals for the next few years for long-term success.


  • Leadership Team Kickoff
  • Implementation plan is
    developed by you
  • End of year
    wrap up meeting


  • Leadership Team Kickoff and Implementation Plan Creation
  • Quarterly Check-in's
  • End of year
    wrap up meeting


  • Leadership Team Kickoff and Implementation Plan Creation
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • End of the year wrap up &
    5 year future planning meeting

For in-person meetings, additional fees will apply