Edmentum and Reflection Sciences partner to integrate Edmentum’s Exact Path and Reflection Science’s Minnesota Executive Function Scale Assessment

Minneapolis – February 14, 2019 – Edmentum, a global leader and pioneer in online teaching and learning programs, announced a new partnership today with Reflection Sciences, Inc. Edmentum and Reflection Sciences will partner to deliver a full integration of Reflection Science’s Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS App) assessment into Edmenutm’s Exact Path’s individualized learning program. This unique partnership brings together Reflection Sciences’ extensive expertise in executive functioning research and assessment with Edmentum’s long history in digital curriculum, assessments, and education consulting.

“At Edmentum, we are on a journey to provide outcome-based tools that enable educators to develop and support the whole child. I am extremely proud to announce our exclusive partnership for the K–12 space with Reflection Sciences” said Jamie Candee, Edmentum chief executive officer. As leaders in education technology, it is our responsibility to help educators support not only their students’ academic well-being but also their social and emotional well-being; strong age-appropriate executive function skills are the foundation for both. We believe this partnership will allow our education partners to pinpoint student needs in a manner that is holistic, data-informed, and streamlined for efficiency of precious instructional time.”

Founded by Professors Stephanie Carlson and Phil Zelazo from the University of Minnesota, Reflection Sciences has a strong early track record. The MEFS assessment is a quick and engaging game for young students that also provides valid and reliable data for educators and parents on a student’s executive function skills. In turn, Edmentum delivers rigorous, research-based digital curriculum that helps personalize learning and meets the evolving needs of schools and districts. This powerful partnership will serve the whole child like never before.

“Research consistently shows that executive function skills are the roots of academic and social-emotional skill development.” said Jeff Shelstad, Reflection Sciences’ chief executive officer. “We are extremely excited to embark on this innovative path forward that supports the unique needs of every child and educator. This new partnership brings together two leaders in the industry that are fully committed to this mission in an innovative and engaging way.”

About Edmentum:

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Edmentum, Inc. (www.edmentum.com) is committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student through simple technology, high-quality content, and actionable data. Founded in innovation, Edmentum’s powerful learning solutions blend technology with individual teaching approaches. Edmentum is committed to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. Edmentum solutions currently support educators and students in more than 40,000 schools nationwide. For more information, visit edmentum.com.

About Reflection Sciences:

Reflection Sciences, Inc. (www.reflectionsciences.com) provides professional development, training, and tools for assessing and improving executive function skills. The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS App™) is the first objective, scientifically based, and normed direct assessment that validly and reliably measures EF skills in children from two years of age and up. The MEFS App is a quick (5 minute), fun game for students, but it provides vital data for educators and parents on a student’s executive function skills.

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