Understanding Executive Function Data using the MEFS™ App

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Understanding Executive Function Data using the MEFS App

With all that data floating around your school, the idea of adding more data to your day might seem overwhelming. Trying to capture, understand, and use it to address individual students’ needs takes time.

The idea of using assessment data to drive instruction isn’t new, but looking at Executive Function skills in children in a classroom is.

This two (2) hour course will help you to understand how measuring Executive function (EF) objectively can help you identify how to best support its development for individual children and groups. You will learn what data are provided by the assessment and how to merge that information with your observational information to best serve each child. It includes research-based best practices for working with all EF skill levels in a classroom and how to engage with parents and other caregivers around the data so they can begin supporting EF at home, too.

You can choose to complete it in one or many sessions individually or as a group. Included in each module is a Reflect and Apply section to facilitate discussions.


The following topics will be covered within this course:

  • Define and understand data terms from the EF assessment
  • Understand how to merge observational data with your EF assessment data to determine specific needs for each student.
  • Develop a plan for working with students of all EF levels.
  • Describe how to best communicate and engage parents with your classroom EF goal

Get started by clicking on Module 1: Introduction to the MEFS App™ Data below!