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Welcome to The Role of Trauma on the Development of Executive Function

Trauma is a possible response to adversity. Adversity can be a single event or a context (e.g., poverty) that a child perceives as extremely frightening or threatening to their emotional and/or physical wellbeing. Adversity, especially early in life, can have lasting effects on multiple domains of development, including Executive Function. 

This 90-minute course is a brief introduction to the role of Trauma on Executive Function. By the end of the course, you will be able to define trauma, identify potential causes, and understand how trauma relates to the development of Executive Function.

You can choose to complete it in one or many sessions individually or as a group. Included in each module is a Reflect and Apply section to facilitate discussions.

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Key ideas:

    1. Define Trauma 
    2. Identify causes of Trauma
    3. Understand how Trauma is related to Executive Function through its impact on Stress
    4. Identify ways to promote the development of strong Executive Function skills in children who have experienced Trauma

This course includes formative assessments after each module as well as a final assessment upon completion of all content. To get started, click on Module 1: What is Trauma? below!

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Posted 12 months ago
What is Trauma and how our body copes with stress

Liked how the different types of stress was explained and examples of them. Learned how EF supports to reduce trauma and how we can support the students.

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Posted 2 years ago

I like the examples given to explain Trauma and Stress.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!