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Welcome to the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS App™)  Training & Certification Course!

In successfully completing this course, you will be qualified to administer the MEFS App™ assessment. Whether you are working through a research institution, nonprofit organization, or a district partnership, it is important that you understand that as an examiner, your actions maintain the integrity and accuracy of the assessment.

The following topics will be covered within this course:

  • General overview of executive function and why it is important
  • Background and development of the MEFS App™
  • The levels and components of the MEFS App™
  • How to correctly administer the MEFS App™
  • Troubleshooting and general FAQ

This course includes formative assessments after each module as well as a final assessment upon completion of all content. In addition, the final module involves a demonstration of your mastery of administering a reliable and valid MEFS App™ assessment by either submitting a final video (Lead Examiners), or being approved by your organization’s Lead Examiner.

Get started by clicking on Module 1: Overview of the MEFS App™ below!

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