Intervention Strategies for Success: PreK – Grade 5

Welcome to Intervention Strategies for Success:
PreK – Grade 5

This course on Executive Function intervention will draw upon existing scientific literature, illustrative videos, and interactive discussions to help participants gain a deeper understanding of Executive Function skills – what they are, why they’re important, and how they develop – and how to support them in young children. The material will highlight general principles for EF intervention and specific ideas for merging EF support with existing curricular and programmatic goals.

Key ideas:

  1. Understand the background of Executive Function (EF).
  2. Understand key takeaways from existing research on EF intervention.
  3. Define and discuss how to support EF development through supportive surroundings and encouraging mindfulness and reflection.
  4. Understand how pretend play, toys, games, and classroom activities can support EF development.
  5. Understand how to implement intervention strategies in the classroom.

This course includes formative assessments after each module as well as a final assessment upon completion of all content. At the end of each lesson, look for the MARK LESSON AS COMPLETE button to track your progress. Get started by clicking on Module 1: Executive Function Background below!