Course Category: EFgoPRO™ Training

MEFS™ to EFgoPRO™ Transition Course

Welcome to our new EFgoPRO™! We are happy to announce our new and improved Executive Function Program. For your convenience, we have created this free course to help you navigate through some new capabilities. You will see the major differences are: Web-based assessment can be administered on any device connected to the internet. An improved…

RS 201: EFgoPRO™ Certification Course

Welcome to EFgoPRO™! In successfully completing this course, you will be qualified to administer the EFgoPRO™ assessment, EFgo™. Whether you are working through a private institution or a district partnership, it is important that you understand that as an examiner, your actions maintain the integrity and accuracy of the assessment. The information collected and submitted…


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