The Role of Executive Function
in a Clinical Setting

Understanding, Measuring, and Improving Executive Functioning Issues

Executive Functioning issues, or Executive Dysfunction, are associated with a variety of conditions that interfere with learning and adaptation, including ADHD, autism, and emotional and behavioral problems. The MEFS App is an objective, standardized, and brief screening that yields timely information about a child’s Executive Function skills like working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control; as well as changes in these skills over time. Although the MEFS App is not a diagnostic tool, it provides reliable and valid information about a child’s current level of proficiency and growth in Executive Function relative to norms and therapeutic goals.

New Screening Tool Under Development for Pediatrics

Reflection Sciences, together with Koronis Biomedical Technologies and leading researchers in cognitive development, have received a National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research Fast-track grant to develop a tablet-based neuro-cognitive screening tool for infant pediatrician visits! We continue to extend our commitment to early detection and treatment of Executive Functioning issues.


Real World Reviews

“The MEFS App provides us with a quick, reliable and valid measure of global Executive Function, which we can also contrast with other more specific aspects such as working memory, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility. Young children enjoy completing it on a tablet and its ease of administration take away the need for using flashcards and boxes.”

Ben Deery, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist & Early Childhood Educator
University of Melbourne

Understand, Measure, & Improve the true predictor of academic and life success.