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Practicing EF at Story Time

How to encourage children to focus their attention, recall details, and think flexibly about books that they are reading, and build executive function skills

Pre-K Executive Function Predicts 3rd Grade Academic Achievement

As an educator, you know how important it is to find learning and behavioral issues as early as possible in children to give them the best chance for academic and social emotional success. Reading proficiently by the end of third grade (as measured by NAEP at the beginning of fourth grade) can be a make-or-break…

What is the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS)?

Video: about MEFS and Reflection Sciences At Reflection Sciences, we are here to scientifically support your goals surrounding social-emotional development, Executive Function, and school readiness. Our quick and fun Executive Function measure, MEFS (the Minnesota Executive Function Scale), paves the way for schools to meet the needs of their children and reduce opportunity and…