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Foundation of Learning: What Preschools are Missing

For many parents and teachers, the learning foundation is dependent on learning ABC’s and 123’s. But research suggests otherwise. In her USA Today article, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Speech-Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Expert, explains how helping children learn and practice executive function skills may be more vital to later academic success. Read the article here.

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Parent Newsletter – June 2016

We are pleased to bring you the inaugural Parent Newsletter: June 2016 Q2 v1.1 At Reflection Sciences, we seek to be a clearinghouse of information about executive function, summarizing the latest research and providing useful tips for caregivers in our quarterly Parent Newsletter! Sign up by clicking here and filling out the “Talk to Us” form on the right!

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Executive Function, Batman Effect and Pretend Play

Reflection Science’s Co-founder and Cheif Science Officer, Dr. Stephanie Carlson, explains key insights about how the Batman Effect and pretend play are important in developing a child’s working memory, executive function, flexible thinking, and impulse control. See the article here.

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Pretend Play, Imaginary Friends, + Executive Function

What does a child’s relationship with their imaginary friends say about them? In this episode of “The Real Guide to Imaginary Companions” by SciFri, Dr. Stephanie Carlson explains how pretend play can help children perform better in tasks of self-control and creativity. See the video here.

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Measuring Executive Function Skills: U of MN Feature

Reflection Sciences, a provider of training and tools for measuring executive function skills and promoting their healthy development, was featured on the front page of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development’s magazine! Read about Executive Function’s growing importance and the story of how Reflection Sciences, Inc. came to be. See the full…