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Social and Emotional Development in Schools: The Effects of a One-Sided Report Card

Most current school report cards focus on academic achievement, ignoring social and emotional development, including self-control, perspective-taking, and conflict resolution skills. These traditional report cards measure a student’s achievement and progress in specific subjects covered in class, but today, educators are beginning to worry that students are not being prepared for the tests they will face…

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How the Batman Effect Impacts Executive Function + Child Development

In her research, Dr. Stephanie Carlson has been able to help children to improve their executive function skills by encouraging them to pretend to be someone more competent than themselves, like Batman. She talks about this phenomenon, called psychological distancing, in an interview with Ginny from the Team. Get a Free 5-minute Executive Function Assessment with EFgo for iPad and Android…

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Executive Function in Montessori Education

Measuring Results in Montessori Education with “Executive Function” Life Skills Even during their first years, children acquire many skills which prepare them for later life. Based on extensive research, Executive Function capabilities are key developments in the preschool years. Sometimes called the “air traffic controller of your brain,” Executive Function is the set of neurocognitive…

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Search Institute: Executive Function Tips

Alyssa Meuwissen, a Reflection Sciences Trainer, worked with the Search Institute in Minneapolis to help communicate to educators and parents about the importance of Executive Function (EF). Click to hear Dr. Kent Pekel, CEO of the Search Institute, speak about the importance of EF and read Alyssa’s blog! How can you help young children SOAR?

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Foundation of Learning: What Preschools are Missing

For many parents and teachers, the learning foundation is dependent on learning ABC’s and 123’s. But research suggests otherwise. In her USA Today article, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Speech-Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Expert, explains how helping children learn and practice executive function skills may be more vital to later academic success. Read the article here.