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Keeping Kids Sharp During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Kids of all ages are being affected by school closures brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic. For school-age children, the transition to home-schooling and remote learning can be jarring and challenge their developing executive function skills. This period of social isolation and school disruption can be a good opportunity for parents to engage with…

Parent Newsletter – June 2019

Please see our Quarter 2 Parent Newsletter: v4.2 June 2019 Q2 Learn more about agency development, literacy, and numeracy; as well as a new infographic from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child about what executive function is and how it relates to child development.

Parent Newsletter – March 2019

Our first Parent Newsletter of 2019 is available here: v4.1 March 2019 Q1 Learn more about Goldilocks Parenting, Executive Function’s Role in ADD/ADHD, and Social-Emotional Development.

Parent Newsletter – December 2018

Please see the final Parent Newsletter of 2018, here: December 2018 Q4 v.3.4 In this edition, we have highlighted a new study from our lab on parent executive function and the results are in: parents’ skills matter, too!

Parent Newsletter – September 2018

Better late than never! We are happy to share our September 2018 Quarterly Parent Newsletter. Access and download it here: September 2018 Q3 v3.3

Parent Newsletter – June 2018

In our Parent Newsletter June 2018, we’d like to welcome our new contributor, Marie Lister! Marie graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Education and a teaching license in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. She has been a classroom teacher for 9 years and currently is a teacher at the Shirley G. Moore…